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Snowy Utah Couple Photoshoot

It's incredible what social media can do for you these days, and especially WHO it can

put you in touch with.

I met Rachel and Colby through Instagram as I was just searching for a couple to photograph on my upcoming vacation to Park City, Utah (which was amazing).

Honestly, I had no idea how creatively talented these two were.... it was a little intimidating at first because as a photographer, it's always a unique feeling photographing other creative artists. But that's the beauty of it too, they get to see themselves through my perspective. Rachel and Colby had such a great confidence about them, which made photographing them alot easier.

That's another topic in itself...Confidence in front of a camera. It's a hard thing to get used to. I hope that I can always be the person who gives that confidence to whoever is on the other side of my camera. With that being said, remember don't be afraid to create, to make, and to be you.

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